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New VoIP Phone System!


New VoIP Phone System!

A client was having issues with their old phone system and knowing that BT have set a date to switch off traditional voice phone lines by 2025, they decided to opt for a full VoIP Phone system solution from Business Technologies NI.

VoIP Phone systems rely heavily on IT equipment like firewalls and switches being configured correctly. The client already used us to look after their IT infrastructure and broadband, so it made sense for them to choose us to look after their telecoms as well.

Real world savings!

We expect this client to save at least £600 every year, as well as having a better, more flexible phone system that will enhance the resiliency of their IT infrastructure!


Here are only a few of the many advantages that a BTNI Phone System can provide! Click here to read more.

Voicemail delivered to each users email mailbox within minutes so they don’t have to wait to get back into the office to get their messages,
Users can securely take their desk phones anywhere in the world that has an internet connection and still operate like there were in the office (soft phone software can also be installed on computers and mobile phones to link back to the phone system),
Automatic Fraud Management will send email and text message alerts if you reach your spending limit warning level, and then block outbound calls if your daily or weekly limit is reached,
The ability to increase and decrease the number of phone lines within minutes without any engineer visits.

We truly believe in the systems we install and maintain so if this is something you, a friend or colleague would be interested in please get in touch or share this post. We also offer hybrid systems that allow you to keep using traditional voice lines lines until they are turned off, or systems that are fully hosted online, its up to you, just give us a call today to discuss your requirements!

Kind Regards,

David Shaw.
Managing Director
Business Technologies NI

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