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Update on connectivity issues

We are sorry for any clients who are affected by the current outages caused late this afternoon.

Please find any and all update on the current situation below:


9:30 pm

Fibre engineers are now on site and beginning work on the restoration. Our network team have been continuing the work on the network re-routing of voice and connectivity services and we expect to restore those services by 10pm tonight. We’re confident the re-routing work will fully restore services, however services remain at risk until the fibre restoration work is completed. We will provide a further update by 11pm.


8:00 pm

We now estimate engineers to arrive at the fibre break in the London area at 9pm at which point they can assess the extent of the work required to restore the fibre connectivity. Work will begin at 9pm on fibre break within the Leicester area, however we know the restoration work here is extensive due to an electrical incident in that area. We have taken steps within our network to re-route voice and connectivity services and this action will restore the majority of services, but we expect some ongoing intermittent problems on voice quality and connectivity speed until at one of the two fibre breaks is resolved. The next update will be provided at 21:30.


6:11 pm

We have isolated the fault to a dual fibre break on the East coast and the London area of our national network. Our technology partner has been engaged and they are deploying engineers to address both breaks. The incident continues to impact our voice and connectivity services and we are taking mitigating action at a network level to try to restore connectivity where we can.
We expect to be able to provide a clearer view on time to resolve by 20:00 hours as deployed engineers establish the extent of the work at each break.


5:11 pm

We are currently experiencing a national network fibre break which is impacting Voice and Data connectivity services. Customers will be experiencing voice connectivity and call quality issues due to the congestion as a result of the fibre break.
Engineers are currently working to identify the actual cause of the fibre break at the moment whilst in parallel we are working to review alternative traffic routing measures to restore connectivity and alleviate traffic congestion.
We apologise for any inconvenience caused and will provide a further update within 1 hour.


3:38 pm

We are currently experiencing some issues impacting services across the network.
Our engineering teams are fully engaged to resolve.
A further update to be provided around 5pm.

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